Sambro Spirit Awards

SACA implemented the Sambro Spirit Awards in 2017.  Up to three individuals or businesses are recognized each year for their outstanding work within the community.   Who do you think is deserving?


Here are the recipients and their contributions to our community:  



Eva Mae Gray for her vision and creation of the Sambro Dinner Theatre, which she wrote, directed and produced for over 10 years and which continues to run today, for her live theatre productions at Melville Heights and the other fun activities she initiates there, her generosity to her family, friends and community members, her continued love of teaching, and for her dedication to remaining young at heart.


Jeanne Henneberry for her participation in the St. James United Church choir, Sambro Dinner Theatre, talent nights, and other live performance shows, volunteering at church meals and other events, knitting dolls, socks, mittens and more for the IWK and the needy, making quilts for the homeless, sewing aprons, costumes and more, for her continued dedication to teaching and sharing, and her gift of making newcomers to the area feel truly welcome.


Gus and Barb Reyno for their tireless work at church suppers and other functions, serving on their board of management, volunteering for over 20 years with the hot lunch program at Sambro Elementary School, generous donations, and enthusiastic participation at community events.



The Lionheart Society for organizing the annual Shay and MacKay Fishing Derby, creating and awarding a J.L. Ilsley scholarship, fundraising for various charities, and for their steadfast commitment to creating a wheelchair accessible picnic area and fishing park at Grand Lake.


Paul and Doris McGrath (posthumously), and Kerry Ann and Dave Gibson of the Dock and Dory Marina for organizing local events such as a dart league, dances, jam sessions, talent shows, comedic entertainment, and for organizing the early Sambro Sou’Wester Days.


Frankie Reyno of Reyno Fisheries for his generous sponsorship of local fundraisers, church, school, hockey and community events, for donating the use of machinery to clean up the community, for providing opportunities for disadvantaged individuals to grow and improve their lives, and the many other things he does that we are not even aware of. 



Danny Gray for his hardwork, knowledge, generosity, inspiration, talent, humour, strength, motivation, dedication, and his ability to create wonderful nautical gifts as well as a willingness to donate to the community, his church, to local schools, his friend, and his family.


Catherine Banks for her inspiration, enthusiasm, support, involvement, organizational skills, industry knowledge, advocating for the arts, her mentorship programs, the women’s craft group, her wonderful donations to community events as well as helping keep the community of Sambro beautiful with her work with the Sambro Trash Busters.


Skip Horton for his decades of contributions to the community, his leadship skills, outstanding volunteering and wealth of knowledge well as his advocation for the needs of the community.


Who do you feel is deserving of this award?  Just fill out this short form to tell us who you think is most deserving!