Sambro Sou’Wester Days 2019

The numbers aren’t finalized yet, but by all accounts, this year’s Sambro Sou’Wester Days festival was a successful one.

This year’s festival was bittersweet, as it is the first one held since the death of Skip Horton, a dedicated SACA member and hardworking volunteer in the community, whose devotion to the ball field was unsurpassed.

In honour of his memory, the ball tournament was officially named the Skip Horton Memorial Tournament and this year’s ball shirts, designed and printed by Kool T’s, had #Skippy on the arm.   Skip’s wife Vivian and son Stephen were proud to present Chad Garrison’s Green Team with the winning trophy this year.  MVP awards went to Green: Carly Boyle, Blue: John Clarke, Orange: Andrew Schnare, and Yellow: Joseph Baumgartner.  This year’s All Things Sambro award in memory of Kyle MacKay went to Billy Garrison, while the winner of the Most Sportsmanship award in memory of Kyle Henneberry was Jay White.

Due to weather-related issues, the Lighthouse Boat Tours were cancelled due to wave heights, wind, and risk of precipitation/thundershowers.  The Sambro Island Lighthouse Heritage Society hopes to be able to offer the tours at a later date.

The winning parade entries who won a $50 prize were:  Best Commercial – Spryfield Head Shoppe; Best Group – Sambro Active Kids; Best Homemade – The Perfect Catch; Most Sambro Spirit – Billy Blackburn & Friends; Most Original – Joyce Henneberry & Family. The honourable mentions who won $25 were: Long Cove Boat Builders, Jill Hann, Oceanview Fisheries and Logan Henneberry.  Thank you to parade judges Genine Horton, Betty McPhee and Patsy Gray.

Congratulations to James Gray, who won $1,064 in the 50/50 draw, and Lionel Pelham whose duck #277 brought him $500 in the Rubber Duck Race.  The lucky winners of the prize baskets were:  Ellie Gray, Brian Doucette, Lisa Davis, Pat Thomas, Cara Todd, Ryan Proudfoot, Nancy Ewing, Holly Hunt, Brooke Coll, Chad Gray, Maryanne Comeau, Gary Gray, Michelle Henneberry, Kaleigh Gibson, while Crystal Gilkie, Ryan Garrison and Tim Wentzell were lucky enough to each win two baskets!  The winner of the picnic basket beer tent door prize was Jenna Boutilier.

The washer toss championship was won by Carl and Adam Conrad, who took home $185 and a beer stein each.  Mark Percy and Greg Desmond were awarded the second place prize of $110, while $75 went to the third place team of Chad Irons and Daniel Misener.  Chad Irons also won the washer toss 50/50 draw and took home an extra $250.

In the Parade of Sail, Hally Henneberry and Carter Henneberry each  won a $75 NSLC gift card for their decorating skills.

Congratulations to these three deserving recipients of the second annual Sambro Spirit Awards!

Jeanne Henneberry for her participation in the St. James United Church choir, Sambro Dinner Theatre, talent nights, and other live performance shows, volunteering at church meals and other events, knitting dolls, socks, mittens and more  for the IWK and the needy, making quilts for the homeless, sewing aprons, costumes and more, for her continued dedication to teaching and sharing, and her gift of making newcomers to the area feel truly welcome.

Eva Mae Gray for her vision and creation of the Sambro Dinner Theatre, which she wrote, directed and produced for over 10 years and which continues to run today, for her live theatre productions at Melville Heights and the other fun activities she initiates there, her generosity to her family, friends and community members, her continued love of teaching, and for her dedication to remaining young at heart.

Barb and Gus Reyno for their tireless work at church suppers and other functions, serving on their board of management, volunteering for over 20 years with the hot lunch program at Sambro Elementary School, generous donations, and enthusiastic participation at community events.

This festival could not happen without the financial support of our sponsors:  Amos & Andy Fisheries, Archway Insurance, AshMeg Seafoods, Bluenose Seafood, Brendan Maguire, Clyde Paul and Associates, CME (Canadian Maritime Engineering), Fraser Automotive Ltd., Garrison Industrial Lubricants, Gilbert Construction, Halifax West Commercial Fisherman’s Association, Harrietsfield Auto Service, Harrietsfield Irving Circle K, James M Gray Fisheries, JC Autoworks, Jill Hann,  Leader Vision Atlantic Ltd., Midnight Magic Fisheries, Mike’s No Frills, Mishoo’s Convenience, Myles Marryatt, New Century Signs, Oceanview Fisheries, ORB Factory, PA Yeoman Marine Services, Reyno Fisheries, Salon 860, Settle’s Auto Repair, Shark Association, Sobeys Spryfield, Spryfield Bowlarama, Spryfield Guardian, Spryfield Head Shoppe and Taycar Electric, along with those sponsors who wish to remain anonymous.

Thanks to the event coordinators who make the magic happen: The Sambro Island Lighthouse Heritage Society (“SILHS”) for the lighthouse tours, Paddy Gray for the blessing of the fleet, Bill McPhee for the baseball tournament, Tara Sampson for the talent at the ceilidh, Natasha Roscoe for the parade, Alex Legrow for the children’s carnival, Sharon and David Garrison for the barbeque, Sarah Slade for the Basket Raffles, Genevieve Hart for the cake walk, Leslie Harnish for the fireworks, Jen Garrison and Meghan Thorne for the washer toss, Aronda Garrison and Barb Reyno and their team for the church supper, and Kim McKay for the family movie night, corn boil, tailgate party, breakfast and rubber duck race.

Hugely appreciated are the many community members who donated goods, food, beverages and prizes for the basket draws.  Every little donation helps, as this offsets the costs of the festival, which means more money can be put back into the Sambro community centre fund.

Lastly, a huge thanks to each and every one of the dedicated volunteers who gave up their time to help out in countless ways to ensure that all the events ran smoothly.  None of this could happen without you!  We are especially thankful to the Spryfield Business Commission for their bartending, the Sambro Fire Department for their ongoing assistance, Added Touch for moving the container by the Fire Department in order to make room for us, the Chebucto News for helping promote the festival, Steve Adams and Brendan Maguire for their event support, Lorrie Boylen for media and communications, and of course the entire SACA committee for their hard work all year long.  You all rock!

We’re already looking forward to next year!

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