Wish List

Wish List

Donations of money or goods help offset SACA’s costs,

and ultimately put more money in our bank account

to go towards our future community centre

If you can donate (every small donation helps!!)

please phone Kim at 902-475-1583


SACA is seeking donations to help offset the cost of their upcoming

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper scheduled for

March 5 at St. James United Church.

Included on the wish list are:

30 dozen eggs
4 litres pancake syrup


If you are able to donate any portion of the above, call Kim at 902-475-1583

Volunteers are always needed and appreciated

Let us know how you’d love to help!

Signing up to help does not mean you are committed to helping out every single time. We will reach out when we are in need and you can accept or decline.